elevate your life

discover your personal journey—what you need, when you need it—to take your life to the next level—whatever that means for you—by creating your masterpiece

create your masterpiece

your masterpiece could be a purposeful foundation, an innovative initiative, a groundbreaking product, revitalizing your marriage, creating your perfect home... whatever it is, it is inspired by love, created with love to share more love. it is both the journey and the outcome… a portal towards healing your greatest wound and creating a new ecosystem in harmony with Mother Nature

explore your potential

imagine breaking through to the next level. allow us to design a personal journey for you—what you need when you need it:

your purpose & potential

discover why you are here (your purpose) and learn how to heal distractions or relationships that drag you into negative thoughts and / or doing what you don't love

your mission & masterpiece

define your summit (your mission) and how you guide others to their summit (your masterpiece)

conscious communication

develop communications that resonate at the same level as your masterpiece

regenerative action

redesign how money flows through your ecosystem to regenerate us

join your tribe

imagine joining likeminded souls, learning from each other and growing together. 
imagine feeling guided every step of the way:
- choose to join one or more of our retreats
- join weekly or monthly group calls with worldclass guides
- benefit from monthly 1:1 calls
- support others with buddy calls

- chat with others online

free the mystic inside

join our next retreat in new rochelle, new york, to free yourself from everything that distracts you from your purpose. imagine diving deep into yourself, finding the light within and holding it aloft

reclaim the alchemist and the shaman

join one of the other retreats: imagine diving deep into the ocean in belize and healing our deepest wounds so we can hear and communicate our masterpiece or turning lead into gold and transmuting your fears into light like the alchemists of old in al'ullah, saudi arabia and getting prosperity flowing with love

challenge yourself

this journey isn't for everyone. it is for purposeful pioneers, visionaries, ceo's and senior executives who are ready to transform their lives and business. we will challenge you to become who you are. only consider joining us if you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and step up

"If you're thinking of taking #Masterpiece... and you're not feeling fearful of it, you're in the wrong place..."

Peter Koenig, the money master

possible journeys

base camp


discovering your purpose and get prosperity flowing

discover your purpose
change your relationship to money
2x monthly group calls with likeminded souls

camp 1


elevating your frequency by reclaiming what stops you. everything in base plus self-guided journey (inc. concepts, exercises & meditations) to:

elevate your frequency
unlock your creativity
experience more intimacy
increase your vitality
discover your destiny

camp 2

$500 / month

elevating your life by discovering your summit and the path to get there. everything in camp 1 plus weekly group sessions, 1:1s & buddy sessions to:

change your relationship to money, time, power and love
discover your mission
create your masterpiece
consciously communicate your masterpiece
implement a regenerative business model


on request

standing on your summit by bringing your purpose and masterpiece to life. everything in camp 2 plus join up to 4 retreats per year:

4x 3-day retreats around the world: kyoto, the desert cappadocia, new york, belize or mexico
monthly 1:1 sessions
join the high-level lunar society monthly calls
develop your website and email communications
refine your regenerative business model

get a feel for our retreats

trust us to guide you

alexander inchbald

the visionary behind the #masterpiece movement, an author and mystical artist, will guide you to discover your purpose, reclaim the artist inside and bring your purpose to life

karen kennaby

your unwavering guide and muse throughout this exquisite journey will be by your side, believing in you, supporting you, and helping you reveal and radiate your light

peter koenig

the wise and mischievous source of moneywork and sourcework, invites us to use his groundbreaking reclamation tool to permanently transform our relationship with money and other shadows

heath arensen

a visionary rainmaker who has inspired governments to change direction and pioneers to create regenerative business models that ensure we all prosper

discover what others say

"I am happy in what I am doing... but always felt there was something more... I was basically preparing myself for another dimension... a leap of faith"

Yves Aubert

Professional Board Member

"f you're not sure where you're going to be in 10 years... then you should be on this program."

Stuart Mackintosh

Founder of Open Source Foundation

"I have so much trust in you... I now want to go on my journey, the next chapter in my life."

Ruth Züblin

Board member, board advisor, corporate communications leader  
CEO of Ruth Züblin Associates

"If you want to live a life of greatness... this is the type of work you need to do... get some magic in your life."

Scott Picken

Chairman, Global Wealth Group

if this resonates, join us

a nurturing home for pioneers getting what you need when you need it to express your mastery and expand all of us through the journey of creating a masterpiece



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