hi, my name is alexander

I lead a radical agency, designing and leading personal journeys for purposeful pioneers to elevate themselves to the next level

Radical: from Latin meaning ‘root’

Agency: the capacity of individuals to have the power and resources to fulfill their potential

I call it creating your masterpiece

I have spent years exploring how regenerative creation works: painting in challenging climates, learning from cutting edge science and the masters. Now, I have combined all of this into leading purposeful pioneers to summit their mountain by creating their Masterpiece

Masterpiece from Dutch meesterstuk work by which a craftsman attains rank of master

Master 12c. a (wo)man eminently or perfectly skilled in something

Piece c. 1200 fragment of a whole

we guide pioneers

my partners and I are with you every step of the journey from before the idea all the way through to leading teams of 1,000s. between us we are guides, artists, visionaries and big thinkers unified by the belief that the solution to the world’s biggest challenges lies in growing together. 

powered by ellev8

everything we do is powered by karen kennaby's ellev8. she and her growing team host all our events and organize them exquisitely. she's also a transformational coach who is passionate about removing distractions for everyone who is sourcing a masterpiece.

explore your potential

imagine breaking through to the next level. allow us to design a personal journey for you—what you need when you need it:

your purpose & potential

discover why you are here (your purpose) and learn how to heal distractions or relationships that drag you into negative thoughts and / or doing what you don't love

your mission & masterpiece

define your summit (your mission) and how you guide others to their summit (your masterpiece)

conscious communication

develop communications that resonate at the same level as your masterpiece

regenerative action

redesign how money flows through your ecosystem to regenerate us

join your tribe

imagine joining likeminded souls, learning from each other and growing together. 
imagine feeling guided every step of the way:
- choose to join one or more of our retreats
- join weekly or monthly group calls with worldclass guides
- benefit from monthly 1:1 calls
- support others with buddy calls

- chat with others online

our values

truly purposeful

mastery is always thinking, speaking & acting on purpose

presciently timely

anticipating what you and your customers need when you & they need it

simply original

creating art in the form of an initiative, platform, service or product that expands all of us & has never been seen before

cosmically interdependent

changing our world by changing ourselves

naturally flowing

always acting in harmony with mother nature

who we are

I am a global authority on creativity and how we can use it to reinvent business in harmony with Mother Nature. I lead The #Masterpiece Agency, designing personal journeys for purposeful pioneers (and their teams) to elevate themselves to the next level by creating and communicating their Masterpiece. I have helped over 2,000 to discover their Purpose in life.

Everything I do is based on my mystical experiences painting around the world in blizzards, gale force winds and tropical storms. These experiences and my research into psychology, physiology, metaphysics and epigenentics have helped me to realise we are not passive participants in a universe beyond our control, but active creators of our own playground.

I am a bestselling author a few times over, have worked on all of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for some of the largest and most recognized companies. My paintings have been exhibited at Google and Tesla and I live with my family above Lake Geneva.

who we are

I enable Sources (visionary leaders/conscious entrepreneurs) to create their magic without distraction. To focus on what lights them, and therefore the world, up. I’m on a mission to create and support more Leading Lights.

Everything I do is driven by love and a passionate desire to inspire us all to shine our light se we can finally overcome the darkness (inside and out)

With a proven history of entrepreneurial success I am a visionary coach, mentor, host, and event organizer renowned for my transformative impact on individuals, particularly women, worldwide. Leading a thriving 7-figure event management business for over two decades with a team of 24 professionals showcased my astute leadership and business acumen. Additionally, I set up an “ahead of its time” fractional ownership company and became a leading light in this field too. I've also played integral leadership roles in various membership organizations in the UK and the Middle East, leaving a lasting imprint on the professional landscape.

When not hosting retreats and journeys around the world in such glorious locations as Belize, Japan and Morocco to name but a few, I live in the beautiful Shropshire Hills in England. I feel very blessed.

a nurturing home for pioneers getting what you need when you need it to express your mastery and expand all of us through the journey of creating a masterpiece



Route de Chaulin 78E, Chamby, 1832, Switzerland