elevate your team

imagine elevating your team to the next level by developing your masterpiece—what you need, when you need it go grow regeneratively

create your masterpiece

your masterpiece could be a new initiative, a groundbreaking product, developing a purposeful mission, conscious brand or regenerative culture... whatever it is, it unlocks everyone's potential to do what they love and best serve the whole. it is both the journey and the outcome… a portal towards creating a new ecosystem in harmony with Mother Nature

unlock your potential

imagine breaking through to the next level. allow us to design a personal journey for you and your team:

your purpose & potential

discover why you are here (your purpose) and learn how to heal distractions or relationships that drag you into negative thoughts and / or doing what you don't love

your mission & masterpiece

define your summit (your mission) and how you guide others to their summit (your masterpiece)

conscious communication

develop communications that resonate at the same level as your masterpiece

regenerative action

redesign how money flows through your ecosystem to regenerate us

think differently

imagine taking your team on a transformational journey, getting exactly what you need when you need it:

inspirational talks

inspire your colleagues to think differently. popular themes include nurturing a purposeful and innovative mindset, conscious leadership and regenerative business models.

mission & masterpiece retreats

two-day retreats with your core team, designed to help you define a conscious mission, develop the masterpieces and roadmap to deliver it by helping each team member to discover their personal purpose

employee purpose programs

changing the culture and mindset of the organization by guiding everyone who feels called to discover their personal purpose

regenerative business models & communications

2-day retreats and ongoing support to implement innovative regenerative business models and communications

change the climate

a simple journey to reconnect us to our true nature so we grow in harmony

who we have worked with

a simple journey to reconnect us to our true nature so we grow in harmony

what we have done

a simple journey to reconnect us to our true nature so we grow in harmony

challenge yourself

this journey isn't for everyone. it is only for conscious leaders who know they have a greater vision inside them, but don't know how to articulate it to their team or customers and guide their team to develop the mindset required to implement it 

possible journeys



sow the seeds by discovering your purpose and assessing where you are

discover your purpose
assess where you
develop a personal roadmap



start growing differently by inspiring your team or organization through a compelling talk on a specific theme:

leading on purpose
innovation mindset
conscious communications
regenerative business models inspired by forests
inner | outer game



a 2-day leadership retreat to develop a mission, masterpiece and a roadmap to bring the mission to life by unlocking the potential of your team:

discover everyone's purpose
develop your mission
create your masterpiece
develop the invitation to your clients
design a roadmap


on request

design and deliver a personal journey to transform your team or organization on purpose. everything in copse plus

personal purpose clinics for everyone
growth mindset sessions
monthly calls with core leadership team
consciously develop your communications
design and deliver a regenerative business model

get inspired

our clients love what we do

'alexander is a gamechanger'

Michelle Crossan-Matos
CMO, Ulta Beautry

'exactly what I need when I need it'

Riccardo Bellini
Former CEO, Chloé

"I had my team work on finding their Personal Purpose, sharing them with one another was one of the most meaningful team exercises I have ever done."

Nate Hurst
President, Chief Sustainability Officer, Black Rock

"I love Alexander and his work—these tools helped me stop, regenerate myself, then generate the funding needed to change our world."

Kari Eik
Founder, United Cities

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a nurturing home for pioneers getting what you need when you need it to express your mastery and expand all of us through the journey of creating a masterpiece



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