discover your purpose

articulate your purpose and remove distractions

photo: joshua earle

calling all pioneers

these sessions are free for pioneers, changemakers, innovators, misfits, rebels and mavericks... anyone who feels they don't quite fit into the current system, because they are here to create the new one. If this resonates, join us.

living on purpose

imagine knowing why you are here and living every day on purpose. imagine transcending the mind and going with the flow

get prosperity flowing

imagine changing your relationship to money so we unblock the dams and getting money flowing again

join us

join karen kennaby, your exquisite guide, and alexander inchbald, the founder of the #masterpiece movement, as they lead you through the process. every two weeks, we run complimentary sessions on either discovering your purpose or increasing your prosperity

if this resonates

a nurturing home for pioneers getting what you need when you need it to express your mastery and expand all of us through the journey of creating a masterpiece


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