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Bringing Purpose to life without struggling with
marketing, selling and money

It is in the darkness that we see the light

So where in your life, right now, feels dark? 

Where would you dearly love to experience more light?

Maybe its in your relationships?

Or in your bank balance?

In your business perhaps?

Or it could be your health?

Or to put it another way, where do you feel stuck? 


Join us as we delve into the shadows that dim your radiance. Together, we will ignite your light across all aspects of your life, inspiring others to do the same.

Deep down, I know you yearn to make a difference; otherwise, you wouldn't be here.

It's time to Ellev8 YOUR Masterpiece...

Whether it's you, your business, an artistic creation, a book, or a movement. 

Uncover and dissolve the barriers that stand in its way, allowing your brilliance to shine brightly.

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it" Michelangelo

Let's embark on this journey of discovery together. But let's go beyond discovery...

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." Michelangelo again

Let's set your angel free.

If this resonates, apply to join us.

What is a Masterpiece?

A Masterpiece is the greatest contribution you can make to yourself, your family and society. it is inspired by love, created with love to share more love. And it is the antidote to your greatest karmic wound. It is both the journey and the outcome… a portal towards permanently opening your heart and creating a new ecosystem in harmony with Mother Nature that can sustain humankind for generations to come.

5 days + 6 weeks + 5 days + 11 months of support


10x modules with WorldClass coaches over 2 weeks
Weekly calls in between
Weekly calls with buddies
Access to 20+ hours of videos, apps and tests
Access to a community for questions
Bonus #1: 2x 60 minute 1:1 calls to review progress
Bonus #2: access to The #Masterpiece Pathway, the first self-guided Masterpiece journey
Bonus #3: Invitation to join #Masterpiece Mastery to bring your Masterpiece to life

Unleashing your
Inner Game

We start with your Personal Purpose, the key to your Inner Game. Then, we look at the four relationships that stop us from creating our Masterpiece.

Becoming a Masterpiece again


Articulate your Purpose, your essence or spirit, which describes who you are and why you are here.


Appreciating how you can move from not having enough time to changing 'timelines' by stepping outside of time.


Exploring how to unlock your creativity and attract partners and clients magnetically using the 'note' of your voice.


Understanding how you can heal your most intimate relationships by embracing the lesson they are here to teach. 


Embracing the shadow of money and accepting your role in Mother Nature's grand design.

Upgrading your
Outer Game

As you return home to yourself, you start to hear your Inner Game again. Deep down, you already know what your Masterpiece is. Getting clear on your Mission and Masterpiece provides you with a portal to another dimension.

Understanding your Masterpiece


Defining your Mission, the next chapter of your life and what attracts your tribe to you.


Hearing what you were born to create, your portal to step into a sustainable ecosystem.


Discovering your tribe, the value you create for them and who you need to become to deliver on that promise.


Defining how money flows through your ecosystem to sustain your loved ones, your tribe and Mother Nature.


Developing a Roadmap from beyond time that brings your Mission and Masterpiece to life in time.

Shine like a diamond

Reveal the angel inside

Ellev8 Your Masterpiece offers powerful tools and guidance to reveal the angel, that bright shining diamond, within you.

Alongside a remarkable group of globally renowned specialists, and supported by a unique community of individuals dedicated to self-discovery, we will unlock your full potential and uplift one another.

Why participants join us

Participants join #Ellev8: Masterpiece for many different reasons

Elevating frequency

Elevating our frequency is the fastest way to change our world.

Unleashing creativity

Changing our relationship to power unleashes the artist inside.

Increasing prosperity

Changing our relationship to money gets us in flow again.

Discovering Destiny

Discovering your Purpose and Mission on the planet.

Experiencing intimacy

Experiencing more intimacy in all of our relationships

Returning Home

Realizing we are enough and we are already at home everywhere.

Who joins us

This journey isn’t for everyone - we will challenge each other to become who we are. Between us, we have created Masterpieces that have influenced millions of people. Only consider joining us if you are committed to stepping out of your comfort zone and want to see real change in your world.

"If you're thinking of taking #Masterpiece... and you're not feeling fearful of it, you're in the wrong place..."

Peter Koenig

The Money Guru, Source and Principal at Peter Koenig Enterprises

Who we are

Alexander Inchbald

The visionary behind the #Masterpiece Movement and an extraordinary artist, will guide us through the Pathway of Prosperity—a comprehensive model that embraces all aspects of life: global, business, relationships, and personal mastery. 

Claudia Anghel

An angel in both name and nature, a trusted confidant of Richard Rudd, and an Ambassador for the Gene Keys, will illuminate the profound wisdom of this transformative transmission, infusing every facet of our existence with pure love.

Peter Koenig

The wise and mischievous Source of Moneywork and Sourcework, invites us to use his groundbreaking Reclamation tool to permanently transform our relationship with money and other shadows.

Stewart Pearce

The divine voice and presence coach, has empowered the great and the good for over five decades. He will help us harness the power and magnetism within our own voices, ensuring we are seen, heard, and magnify our impact and influence.

Karen Kennaby

Founder of Ellev8

Your unwavering guide throughout this exquisite journey. I'll be by your side, believing in you, supporting you, and helping you reveal and radiate your light.

find out more

Discover the Pathway of Prosperity

Watch the recording of the webinar in which the new upgrade emerged and discover how to stop clinging to old (relationships, thought patterns, beliefs) and stop pushing to create the new (relationship, ecosystem...). Neither work.

get inspired

Discover what participants say

"I am happy in what I am doing... but always felt there was something more... I was basically preparing myself for another dimension... a leap of faith"

Yves Aubert

Professional Board Member

"f you're not sure where you're going to be in 10 years... then you should be on this program."

Stuart Mackintosh

Chairman, OpusVL, Founder of Open UK

"I have so much trust in you... I now want to go on my journey, the next chapter in my life."

Ruth Züblin

Board member, board advisor, corporate communications leader  
CEO of Ruth Züblin Associates

"If you want to live a life of greatness... this is the type of work you need to do... get some magic in your life."

Scott Picken

Chairman, Global Wealth Group



In addition to everything detailed above when you join Ellev8: Masterpiece you also receive

Get 1:1 Support

Speak to two of the WorldClass coaches in 60 minute 1:1 sessions to help you get to the bottom of what is blocking you or to create your Masterpiece. These are profound, life-changing sessions.

The #Masterpiece Pathway

The #Masterpiece Pathway is the first self-guided #Masterpiece program consisting of 6 modules of videos, exercises and meditations designed to elevate your frequency and help you bring your Purpose to life.

Join #Masterpiece Mastery

We will invite you to join #Masterpiece Mastery, the latest journey designed to help you develop the business model and communications you need to attract your audience to you.

5 Days unleashing Inner Game

Discover your Purpose and change your relationship to time, money, power and love.

5 Days upgrading Outer Game

Articulate your Mission, Masterpiece, Promise, Money & Comms Flow and Pathway.

6 Weeks deepening the work

Work with buddies and coaches to deepen your Pathway and access the Causal Plane.

2 60 minute 1:1 sessions

Resolve deep karmic blocks or get more clarity around your Masterpiece.

20+ hours of video

Watch interviews with partners about Money and Power and discover how to use the tools.

Ongoing support

Join the community to get the support you need to bring your Masterpiece to life.

Ellev8: Masterpiece

10 Modules: Inner + Outer
20+ hours of video
2x 60 minute 1:1 sessions
Weekly buddy sessions
Ongoing support


0r $600 billed monthly for a year

Next cohort
starts on
29 January 2024

Join us for the next cohort and start creating your Masterpiece

Guiding purposeful pioneers to bring their Purpose to life without struggling with marketing, selling and money.


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