getting clarity now

join our new 2.5 hour workshop live for the first time to discover where you are and get absolute clarity on what you need to get to the next level in your life and business

calling all pioneers

this workshop is for pioneers, changemakers, innovators and visionaries... anyone who feels they don't quite fit into the current system, because they are here to create the new one. you may have spent years or even decades getting fit, learning techniques, acclimatising and avoiding being swept away by avalanches. now, you're ready to identify your mountain and start climbing. if this is you, join us

begin the ascent

imagine getting absolute clarity on where you are: we will assess your mission, communications, cashflow and content to discover whether you are at base camp, camps 1, 2, or 3 or the summit. 

discover your offer

once we have identified what's going on, we will channel your offer for you so you can cut through the noise inside and outside your head and start ascending your mountain

design your journey

then, we will guide you to design a personal journey to spend more and more of your time at the summit

join us

join karen kennaby, founder of ellev8 and your exquisite guide, and alexander inchbald, the founder of the #masterpiece agency, as they lead you through this inspirational workshop

8 May 2024

2pm-4.30pm BST in Soho, London



you'll see we've kept the price ridiculously low so everyone can access it

a nurturing home for pioneers getting what you need when you need it to express your mastery and expand all of us through the journey of creating a masterpiece


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